Death By Chopsticks is a group of friends who love making games.

This site is a place to showcase those games.

It has gone through a lot of changes to come to this point.

Our goal is simple: Make games we would enjoy playing.

History of DBC

Death by Chopsticks was first created in October of 2008. Back then, it was simply a blog that acted as a creative outlet for a couple creatively stifled game designers. The blog went through a few iterations, becoming whatever we needed it to be at any given time. Sometimes it was a news blog, sometimes we posted stories we had written. Mostly, we just went crazy with it. There was even a webcomic for a couple weeks.

As time went on, the two game designers moved out of the job that drove them to create the website. As they moved into new jobs that allowed their creativity to flow in non-oppressive environments, the website wasn't needed anymore. But it never left their mind.

Caleb "Togi" Crawford took full control over the website in 2010, and it sat idle for some time. Then, in Spring of 2011, Death By Chopsticks was reborn. This time, it had a focus:

To showcase games made by its creators.

So here we are. The site is launched, and the first project is nearing completion. We hope you enjoy where this adventure will take us. It is only just beginning.